Permit Under Review: Demolition permits that have had fees paid and are in the “Under Review” process. If title 24 applied the permit will be under review for at least 35 days, BDS is notifying nearby landowners during this period.

Permit Issued: Demolition Permits that have passed the “Under Review” process and are now issued.  At this stage the structure can be demolished.

Permit Finaled: Demolition Permit process is complete, inspections have been completed, building has been demolished.

For more information about residential demolitions in Portland please visit the RESIDENTIAL DEMOLITIONS WEBSITE.

NOTICE PDX is an archival project. Most of these structures pictured have already been demolished. Some may have permits issued though the structures are still standing.

To submit a photo to the archive, please follow this process:

STEP 1. 

Look for properties mapped GREEN or Light Blue. Properties in LIGHT BLUE have the greatest chance of not being holes in the ground.

STEP 3. 
Go to the property and take a photograph of the house, preferably with the whole house in the frame. 

STEP 4. 
Email it to  noticepdxproject@gmail.com 
Please include the property address and date photographed. 

Extra info about specific Portland properties can be found at Portlandmaps.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the above email with inquiries, corrections, or comments.

Many of these photographs were shot on film with a Nikon F. All kinds of photographic submissions are welcome (digital, archival, etc.).